All the production processes of the factory are dependent on the company’s preemptive purposes and goals.

Our enterprise has the full cycle of production from pre-printing preparation (design, manufacturing print plates (forms) ) to our “self-made” printing, carving of the materials and finished products, and even cutting the platin-covers. 15 units of main and accessorial equipment let us produce over 200 tons of our products monthly.


There are several basic fundamentals realized in on the enterprise:

  • exclusion of an extinction of the finished products or natural resources streams;
  • the system of identification of the raw materials, not finished products and finished production, based on the “traffic light” tenet has been brought in;
  • zones of the production pharmaceuticals and other packing materials are separated;
  • the quality control SCQ is invented.

Using an automatic system of placement, control and tracking the passing of  the orders with the separated and authorized access of emloyees.

The system of barcoding the half-stock and finished units of production is brought in.

The tuition and access systems of the workers are functionating.