О компании

About the company





Company TT was established in 1999 like a trade mark, whose partners are the federal and regional industry generating companies, such as LLC "Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods", CJSC "Karat", CJSC "Unimilk", LLC "Molochnoe delo". Read more



The main goals and objectives of our work are:


1. Formation of a modern enterprise for producing packaging materials for profit and regular increase of the company's capitalization.
2. Improoving working conditions in the company and the well-being of our employees and their families in order to raise the prestige of labourer profession in the company and society in general and to ensure the necessity of labour force in the future.
3. Systematic training of the employees and formation of corporate culture with the aim of improvement the quality of products and services.
4. Reducing the harm of the enterprise on the environment.



Our Сo in a modern world


At the present time the production of the company is being used:* In pharmaceutic industry and cosmetology;

* In dairy and meat industries;

* In production of portion goods for the "fast-food";

* At the confectionaries and chocolate factories;

* At packing the loose and grocery products.



Energysaving and environmental care


By the end of 2012, the company plans to complete a session of events aimed at energy conservation and reduction of impact on the environment of all production processes and to obtain the status of "GREEN MANUFACTURING ENTERPRISE." read more





The introduction of new products.


We constanstly monitor the emergence of new packaging products worldwide. Selecting the most technologically advanced and convenient one to use, we try to adapt the "know-how"s for the Russian and CIS markets, providing strong support in their implementation at the enterprises of our customers. read more



Our partners


We consider the establishment of a fair and close partnerships with the most of our suppliers and customers as the biggest of our achievements:


* LLC "Rusal Foil" and "Sayan Aluminum factory";

* LLC "Recuper";

* The German concern "Constantia HUECK FOLIEN";

* Company "Exteh";

* Factory "Constancia Kuban";

* Factories of the Pharmaceutic Group "STADA" in Russia;

* The Supply Department LLC "Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods";

* LLC "Pharmstandart";

* CJSC "Gedeon Richter";

* Company "Antivirad";

* LLC "Masli";

* Company "Raspack"

* LLC "Elec Dairy Factory"

* LLC "Doshirak-KOYA"


We appreciate our well-established partnerships and we offer to become our partners to everyone who is interested in our products and services