Portion packaging for fast food, dry rations, board and school feeding

Ламинированная бумага

PE Laminated paper


(with PE)

  • used for bulk groceries (sugar, salt, dry cream etc) portion packing (5g - 30g) friables: sugar, salt, dry cream



paper-based multilayer material

  • for group portion packing (10 – 200g) of jam, butter, honey, chocolate paste and sauces
  • high barrier properties
  • used for products with an aggressive environment

Крышка из алюминиевой фольги

Aluminum lid foil

heat seal lacquer, standard dimensions Ø 69 mm, Ø 75 mm, Ø 95 mm, the thickness is 33-38 microns

  • · for portion packing of sour cream, drinking water, and also sublimated fast freeze-dried products food( mashed potatoes puree of potatoes, soups, pasta, etc) in plastic polymeric containers (PP / PS)

Алюламинат комбинированный материал

Alulamiminate combined material

the overall density of 90-140 g. per square m.


• used like "SACHET" for packing granular medical formulations, aseptic wet tissues, pasty cosmetic formulations (shampoo, shower gel, etc.)

• high barrier properties for the aggressive environments

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