Фармацевтика, косметология

Алюламинат комбинированный материал

Alulamiminate combined material

the overall density of 90-140 g. per square m.


• used like "SACHET" for packing granular medical formulations, aseptic wet tissues, pasty cosmetic formulations (shampoo, shower gel, etc.)

• high barrier properties for the aggressive environments

Блистерная фольга алюминиевая

Aluminum blister foil

the standard thickness 20 microns, 25 microns, 30 microns


  • used for group blister packing pills, capsules, dragee – has high barrier properties
  • “chpok” opening

Стрип фольга

Strip Foil

combined material, the thickness is 60-100 microns

  • used for blister packing supositorials, some types of capsules
  • high barrier properties

Материал холодной формовки

Cold forming Material

the overall density is 200-250 g. per square m. (Germany)

• used for group packing of pills, capsules, dragees, instead of a normal pellicle PVC

• protects the "living" medical formulations from heat at the moment of packing and UV

• reduces the consumption of  an electric power during packing

Ламинированная бумага

Laminated paper

(with latex or PE)

  • used for group packing of simple medical formulations (medical coil and etc.)
  • a low price

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